Infographic – Predictive Sales Hiring Works

Born to Sell? Natural Qualities of a Top Performer.

The sales industry is a world of high turnover. Research indicates that over half of all sales reps are not suited to their current profession. Of those that are, about half would do better selling something other than the product they currently sell. There are other salespeople who seem born to be sales reps. What if there were tools to help you recognize the best talent? What if you had the right processes, proven by science, to train your team and find the right salespeople?

It turns out that such tools do exist. There are certain qualities that all successful salespeople have, called sales DNA. Using predictive sales hiring, sales managers can identify these qualities to better select candidates for greater success and lower turnover and burnout. With the right people in the right positions, you can set up your company to dominate your industry.

Who Has Natural Sales DNA?

Some people are natural sales people. They have qualities that come naturally to them that allow them to easily connect to people, to communicate clearly, and to demonstrate the superiority of a product or service. There are four qualities that are the most important for a successful career in sales.

Empathy. Empathy is the ability to feel what another person is feeling. It requires good listening skills and allows a sales rep to establish a connection with a potential client. The ability to see another perspective, to see things as the client sees them without necessarily agreeing with them can make a substantial difference when it comes to closing a sale.

Focus/Drive. A person with focus and drive has goals in mind and a singleness of purpose to achieve those goals. They know what their goals are and can readily describe them. They have a strong internal commitment to achieving both personal and team goals, and are driven to make the most of the tools, training and mentorship offered by their sales team leadership.

Optimism. Even the best salesperson will face rejection. An optimist responds by moving on to the next opportunity, confident that this time they will close the deal. An optimist focuses on improvements that they can make to ensure future success and does not let what cannot be done bring them down. They are aware of their own ability to impact the direction of their career. An optimist’s outlook is always positive.

Responsibility. A person who takes responsibility does not shift blame to others. They do not look for excuses. They want results and when they don’t get them, they accept that they could have performed better and set out to do exactly that. Responsible people can take criticism and use it to improve their performance.

Discover the Science Behind Sales Success

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