Are You Giving Your Sales Team the Right Tools?

Published on Aug 3, 2018

It is your job to tap into the talents and abilities your sales team already has and enhance them. To do this, equip your sales force with the tools to turn possibilities into realities. Use these tools and strategies to make sure your sales force has what it needs to succeed.

Sales Software

Many types of software are designed to enhance and assist a company’s sales force. One application that is extremely effective is InSitu Sales, which is an easy download on a phone; it tracks all sectors of necessary sales information such as invoices, orders, and estimates. People can also use it to assign territories to specific sales representatives and view maps of areas where customers are.

Another great software for sales is Sales force Configure Price Quote (CPQ). It focuses on financial documentation and information. The CPQ software will help your sales team create easy quotes for customers and clients.

Insight Squared is also a good option for sales enablement. It can create advanced graphs and metrics that illustrate various aspects of your business. Insight Squared is ideal for companies that use Excel extensively, because it provides the same services in a more advanced and easier way.

Provide Ongoing Training Sessions

Another tool that will help your sales team succeed is ongoing training. Many companies have the initial sales training and then rarely revisit any educational opportunities. Sales people are often the factor that determines whether a customer will use your company or not. It is vital to keep them well-informed about your products and up to date about any recent advancements in the industry. Ongoing training sessions also help you hone and refine certain skills that are important for an effective sales person to master. Technology can be used to enhance the ongoing training as well. Some great examples are RefractExecVision, RapidLearning, and Spiro.

Online Sales Solutions

Many technological tools exist to help your reps sell faster – and smarter. Solutions like Linkedin Sales Navigator can help get information on new leads and existing accounts, and effectively connect with prospects. Another helpful platform, Zoominfo, boasts the most email addresses and direct dials than other intelligence providers. For more options for sales communication, check out Salesloft, to help personalize email communication and effectively make decisions based on customer data.

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