9 Ways to Use Data to Improve Sales Recruiting

Data is everywhere in the modern business world, and sales recruiting is no exception. A rapidly growing number of companies are now incorporating data into their recruiting operations to the point that it’s become ubiquitous. But how exactly are these companies using this data? In this post, I’ll cover nine specific ways, citing statistics from […]

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Published on Mar 14, 2022

Elite Salespeople Get Hired in Just 10 Days: The Importance of Acting Quickly with Sales Recruiting

There is a wide range of variables that contribute to successful sales recruiting. Creating a compelling job ad, efficiently filtering through candidates, and optimizing interviewing, for example, are three areas where recruiters place a lot of focus. But one aspect that doesn’t necessarily get as much attention but needs to is acting quickly when you […]

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Published on Mar 7, 2022

Developing a Sales Candidate Communication Plan: A Step-by-step Blueprint

Just as it’s important to keep customers in the loop, sales candidate communication is also integral to recruiting. But here’s the thing. 63% of sales candidates say recruiters don’t communicate adequately, and 53% report not receiving a response until three months after applying.  That’s a huge problem because a negative candidate experience can quickly sour […]

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Published on Feb 26, 2022

Sales Candidates Read 6 Reviews on a Prospective Company: Using Reviews to Win the Talent War

Reviews are nothing new in the consumer world. 93% of people say they look at online reviews to inform their purchasing decision, and 91% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. But in recent years, there’s been a trend where a growing number of sales candidates are now consulting reviews when evaluating prospective employers. […]

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Published on Feb 11, 2022

How to Calculate Cost Per Hire to Keep SaaS Sales Recruiting Costs Down

Hiring top-tier talent is one of the most essential parts of running a successful SaaS company. But of course, that takes money, and often a lot of it. To keep SaaS sales recruiting costs down, one of the first things you need to do is figure out what your average cost per hire is and […]

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Published on Jan 17, 2022

SaaS Sales Recruiting Stats in 2022: A Complete Bird’s-Eye View

The New Year is upon us! It’s always an exciting time for SaaS sales recruiting because there are new patterns, new trends, and new opportunities.  In this post, I’ll share with you the latest SaaS sales recruiting stats in 2022 to guide your strategy and give you a competitive edge. Let’s jump right in.  98% […]

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Published on Jan 5, 2022

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