Top Skills Sales Managers Assess Based on In-Depth Data

In my last post, I discussed that having the ability to close was the number one skill top sales managers assessed in salespeople. This was the most important metric for 70% of sales managers. And it’s easy to see why given how critical closing deals is to profitability and the overall success of a company.  […]

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Published on Jun 7, 2021

70% of Top Sales Managers Assess This Skill in Sales Candidates

Effectively gauging the skill set of salespeople is an absolute must when recruiting, as well as when analyzing the performance of existing reps. This is what allows you to assemble an A+ team, get the most from your leads, and inevitably maximize revenue.  But with so many different factors, what exactly do you focus on? […]

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Published on May 24, 2021

Use This Tool to Accelerate New SaaS Salesperson Ramp Time By 20-50%

I talk about SaaS sales rep onboarding a lot for one simple reason. It’s insanely important.  Research has found that effective onboarding can increase your win rate by 15% and quota achievement by 14%. Further, leading SaaS companies with A+ onboarding practices experience 39% higher employee engagement, which not only translates into much better performance […]

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Published on May 17, 2021

The Science of New SaaS Salesperson Onboarding: Breaking the Process Down Into 4 Key Phases

Having a streamlined, structured onboarding process for new SaaS salespeople can have a dramatic impact on both productivity and retention. To quantify, businesses with effective sales onboarding see a 6.7% improvement in quota attainment and 50% higher new rep retention.  Not bad!  But how exactly do you accomplish this? And what are the exact steps […]

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Published on May 4, 2021

How to Build a Winning Saas Sales Team Step-By-Step

Seldom does a winning SaaS sales team come together on its own. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that half of high-performing companies had sales processes that were “closely monitored, strictly enforced, or automated.” On other hand, 48% of underperforming companies had sales structures that were either nonexistent or informal.  One of, if […]

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Published on Mar 19, 2021

90% of SaaS Companies Look for Salespeople in the Wrong Places: Here’s Where You Should Be Looking

What are some of the first places that come to mind for SaaS companies when recruiting sales reps? For most, it’s conventional resources like job boards, LinkedIn, staffing agencies, and so on. That’s where 90% of SaaS companies look, says Steli Efti, CEO of sales CRM,  But, as he points out, these are often […]

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Published on Mar 5, 2021

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