User LicenseinfoCustom monthly subscription plans that provide an all in one recruiting platform to hire smarter and faster. $0/month$1,495 /month$1,995/month$3,500 /month
Cost Per Hireinfo We offer flat rate hiring for more predictable and cost-effective hiring. 20% of salary*AnnualAnnualAnnual
Hire Guarantee infoHire with confidence knowing each candidate is backed by our 90-day replacement guarantee. 90-days Up to 3Up to 5Up to 10
Ideal Candidate ProfileinfoDefine the required skills, experience, sales capabilities, and personality traits for success.ticktickticktick
Posted Job DescriptioninfoOur team will use your ideal candidate profile to write your unique and detailed job description to share and post online. ticktickticktick
Intelligent Matchinginfo Powerful technology intelligently recommends top talent based on ideal candidate profile requirements. ticktickticktick
Candidate Sourcinginfo Candidates are sourced using our national recruiter network and peer-to-peer referral program to attract the best talent in the industry. ticktickticktick
Quality ScreeninginfoCandidates are thoroughly vetted by phone, custom online screening questions, and video. ticktickticktick
Candidate Tracking infoEasily accept or decline candidates, share feedback, track interviews, view reports, and collaborate with hiring teams. ticktickticktick
Interview SchedulinginfoSchedule interviews with candidates and easily loop in hiring managers with built in calendar sharing. ticktickticktick
Talent Success Manager infoOur dedicated talent success manager will provide recruiting support to help schedule interviews, prep candidates and hiring teams, collect references and more. ticktickticktick
Talent Advisory ServicesinfoWork with an expert to design your compensation plan, refine your hiring strategy, optimize your interview process, negotiate offers, and more. Additional2 hours4 hours6 hours
Assessment LicenseinfoValidate fit and assess selling skills using data and science. Accurately predict which candidates are more likely to succeed. $5,000IncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom Sales DNA ProfilesinfoThe assessment is tailored to your unique role specifications and selling environment for maximum accuracy. 33510
Number of AssessmentsinfoWe offer unlimited assessments, so each candidate is evaluated in the screening process vs. late in the interview stage. Unlimited (12 Months)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of HiresinfoAssessment license include unlimited assessment for the license term or until all positions have been filled, whichever come first. Up to 3 12 Months12 Months12 Months
Onboarding and Coaching Plan infoEach new hire will receive a custom onboarding and coaching plan to help them reach their full potential. 33510
User LicenseinfoEach new hire will receive access to our interactive video-based micro-learning platform to sharpen their selling skills. Included (1 Per Hire)3510
Interactive Video CoursesinfoEngage reps with memorable, video-based learning content that can be absorbed and retained more easily, and accessed anywhere. ticktickticktick
Custom CurriculuminfoModern on demand content developed through extensive research into the psychology of sales, persuasion and influence. ticktickticktick
Unlimited Online AccessinfoProvide your reps with online and mobile on-demand interactive training content, videos, quizzes, and more. ticktickticktick
Support MaterialsinfoFacilitator guides and action plans to reinforce training concepts and adoption. ticktickticktick
User ReportinginfoKeep reps engaged, ensure user adoption, and track training progress with real-time reporting and analytics. ticktickticktick
* We also offer monthly subscription plans with flat fee hiring and discounts for high volume hiring. Contact us for more information.

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