Sales Team Assessment Tools

Sales Person Evaluator

Assess the professional selling skills of your sales staff and determine what key areas are in greatest need of strengthening.

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Sales Readiness Assessment

Answer a few critical questions and find out what you need to recruit, train, and equip top sales talent, every time. 

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Interview Questionnaire & Scorecard

Download the sales interview questionnaire and scorecard to streamline your interview process and ensure consistency across candidates and hiring managers.

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Sales Plan Template

Download this template and build your sales plan. Make it simple for your sales team to understand your goals, how to accomplish them, and tools needed.

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Sales DNA Modifier

The Sales DNA Modifier helps sales professionals overcome 10 common sales weaknesses that sabotage performance.

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Sales Hiring Mistake Calculator

Answer just 15 questions and we’ll instantly provide you with your total cost of hiring mistakes including recruitment, development and lost business. 

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