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Say goodbye to countless hours sourcing profiles, sending InMails, and screening candidates. Get curated matches for your requirements and culture from our network of vetted SaaS sales professionals, and hire them seamlessly.

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    How it works

    Define your ideal candidate

    To start, we develop a comprehensive digital profile of your ideal candidate, incorporating crucial aspects like selling skills, industry experience, personality traits, product knowledge, and work style.

    View your candidate matches

    You will receive a curated list of vetted candidates who match your ideal candidate profile and have undergone a data-driven evaluation and screening process by our team of experts.

    Interview, hire and onboard

    Shortlist your favorite candidates, and we’ll schedule the interviews for you. You will receive a custom coaching plan for each new hire to support a successful onboarding process.

    How we vet our candidates

    Our vetting process is tailored to your unique role and selling environment. We screen each candidate by analyzing 26 data points across three criteria (role, culture, and experience fit) and 21 selling competencies. This data-driven process enables us to consistently and accurately match top performers with your open positions.

    Assess the candidate’s strengths and abilities related to core functions and job duties.

    Analyzes the candidate’s ideal culture based on alignment with the organization’s work environment, management style, and values.

    Compares the candidate’s sales process, deal size, sales cycle, quota attainment, product and industry experience as it relates to the selling environment.

    Science-backed analysis of the candidate’s selling capabilities including drive, grit, coachability, hunting, consultative selling, and more.

    In-depth candidate profiles

    Each candidate submission includes a detailed profile that goes well beyond the typical resume and LinkedIn profile. We provide specific information on the candidate’s sales experience, behavioral styles, desired compensation, ideal work environment, and more.


    Benefits of hiring with us

    Access to top performers

    80% of the candidates we place are top performers who are not actively looking for new opportunities.

    Data-driven approach

    Powered by data to ensure candidates are the perfect match with 4x greater accuracy than traditional screening.

    Objective and predictive

    Each candidate is assessed against 21 selling competencies and benchmarked against 2.3 million salespeople.

    Extensive SaaS experience

    Our team brings 20+ years of SaaS sales experience to the recruiting process saving you valuable time and money.

    Handpicked by sales experts

    Our sales development experts interview the top candidates to select which individuals should move forward.

    National SaaS talent network

    We spend thousands of hours sourcing candidates to build our national network of diverse talent.

    SaaS sales roles we recruit

    We are exceptional at finding top-tier SaaS sales talent for a wide range of positions, from individual contributors to sales managers and leaders.

    Individual Contributors
    • Account Executive

    • Account Management

    • Business Development (BDR)

    • Inside Sales Rep (ISR)

    • Sales Development (SDR)

    • Sales Ops/Enablement 

    Sales Management & Leadership
    • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

    • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

    • Head of Sales

    • VP Sales

    • Director of Sales

    • Sales Manager

    SaaS product expertise

    HireDNA partners with B2B SaaS companies in a wide range of market segments, supporting them at every stage of growth from seed to IPO. 

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Customer Experience
    Data Analytics
    Document Management
    Education (EdTech)
    Financial (FinTech)
    Human Resources (HR)
    Marketing & Sales
    Healthcare (MedTech)

    Results we deliver


    Faster time
    to hire


    Wrong hires


    New hire retention
    beyond one year


    Lower employee

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