Tired of Hiring the Wrong Sales Reps?

Hiring salespeople can be challenging. Sorting through hundreds of applicants is rarely fruitful. Making the wrong hire is not only costly, but leads to high turnover, lost revenue, and can negatively impact your culture and reputation. Shortcut right to the most qualified candidates and eliminate hiring frustrations with HireDNA.

  • Attract & Recruit Better Candidates

    92% of recommended candidates reach the top half of the sales force in the first year.

  • Fill Open Positions with Top Talent Faster

    Reduce hiring time by 50% with pre-screened and qualified candidates ready to move forward in the interview process.

  • Reduce Hiring Mistakes & Improve Retention

    Eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes and cut turnover by more than 33% with industry leading assessment science.

What Makes HireDNA Different?


Recruiter Network

We generate a consistent flow of highly-skilled and qualified candidates with our vast network of vetted recruiters.


Intelligent Matching

Our technology analyzes 20 key data points to identify the best candidates that fit your hiring criteria.


Science-Based Assessments

We assess 21 core selling competencies, including desire and motivation, to predict success.

How HireDNA Works

Step 1

Register for Your Free Account and Work with a Talent Advisor to Define Your Ideal Candidate Profile and Hiring Criteria

A “one size fits all” approach won’t deliver the results you need. We work closely with your team to understand your sales strategy, team culture, skill gaps, and talent needs to develop a recruitment strategy that defines the DNA of your ideal sales rep or leader.

Step 2

Our Powerful Technology Identifies and Engages Active and Passive Candidates That Match Your Criteria

We combine our matching technology with a national network of experienced sales recruiters to proactively source candidates to fill your talent pipeline faster.