Recruiting the Best SaaS Sales Talent. It’s in Our DNA.

HireDNA finds, verifies, and handpicks the perfect fit SaaS sales candidates for your open roles using scientifically validated skills assessments and data-driven matching technology.

Hire the right sales candidates every time

Recruiting Automation

We offer end-to-end SaaS sales recruitment that cover the entire process from start to finish. Whether you’re a talent team or a hiring manager, we can help define your ideal candidate, source and screen potential candidates, and schedule interviews. By handling the heavy lifting, we give you more time and resources to focus on what matters most: hiring the right talent for your team.

Data-Driven Matching

Our matching algorithm analyzes 26 data points, including compensation, deal size, sales cycle, SaaS products, team environment, quota attainment, sales process, and work style. By taking all of these factors into account, we can ensure that the candidates we present are an excellent fit for both the role and the culture of your organization.

Sales Skills Assessment

With over 30 years of data from 2.3 million salespeople, we have the expertise to predict which candidates are most likely to succeed. Our evaluation process includes an assessment of 21 selling competencies, which provides objective insights into each candidate’s selling skills, drive, and DNA to help ensure the best possible match for your team.

Candidate Experience

We’re passionate about providing a positive candidate experience while professionally representing your brand. Our platform matches candidates with opportunities that fit their ideal roleculture, and work style, and keeps them engaged at every step. By creating a positive experience, we help ensure a successful hiring process that benefits both the candidate and your organization.

We deliver results


Faster time
to hire


Wrong hires


New hire retention
beyond one year


Lower employee

Save time, reduce hiring mistakes, and hit your sales goals faster 

Faster Hiring in 24 Days

Get a custom-curated pipeline of SaaS sales professionals, plus fast, automated candidate screening and matching. Receive qualified candidates that fit your unique profile in just 3 days, and fill positions in an average of 24 days – almost half the industry average.

Avoid the wrong hires

Don’t waste time and money on the wrong hires. Our data-driven candidate screening will help to eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes and has been 3rd party validated as 95% accurate leveraging data from 2.3 million salespeople.

Reach sales quotas faster

Your bottom line depends on top performers, which is why our matching technology and sales skills assessment is designed to weed out low performers. 92% of our recommended hires reach the top half of the sales force in 1 year.

Improve sales team retention

Making the right hiring decisions is crucial, and we’re here to help. We provide talent teams and hiring managers with accurate and predictive data to hire the right candidates. Our approach has resulted in 50% lower turnover, with 83% of our candidates still employed after 12 months.

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