Harness the Power of Data to Build a Stronger Sales Team

Where many sales hiring assessments measure a combination of personality traits or behavioral styles, the OMG sales assessment uniquely measures core sales competencies while also providing a clear picture of the candidate’s mindset and drive to succeed in the sales role. This allows you to not only answer the question of whether they can sell, but whether they will.

Questions the Sales Assessment Will Answer:

  • Is the candidate motivated and do they have the drive to succeed?
  • What are their core selling strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do they have the right sales DNA and instincts to be a top performer?
  • Is the candidate coachable and willing to further develop their selling skills?

The Industry’s Most Accurate & Predictive Sales-Specific Assessment

  • Made specifically for sales (not tailored for sales)
  • Unlimited assessments, so you can assess candidates in the screening process vs. late in the interview stage
  • Evaluates 21 core selling competencies proven to predict success (not just personality or behavioral styles)
  • Customizable to your unique role and selling environment
  • Rated the world’s most accurate and predictive sales talent assessment for 9 consecutive years by Top Sales World
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Simple Process, Actionable Results

  • Customize the assessment to your candidate criteria and unique selling environment
  • Candidates complete an online questionnaire that delivers the results to your inbox
  • Results provide guidance to whether the candidate is recommended as well as specific interview questions to help you dig deeper into potential areas of concern
  • Validated studies show 92% of recommended hires reach the top half of their sales force within a year
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Sales Assessments Tailored to the Role

The sales candidate assessment will help to predict candidate success by evaluating 21 core selling competencies proven to be consistent among top performers. The sales candidate assessment can be tailored to your unique role and selling environment

  • Sales Hiring and Pre-Employment Assessments
  • Sales Force & Team Development Evaluations
  • Individual Performance Evaluations
  • Sales Manager Assessment
  • Sales Leadership Assessment
  • Sales Process and Systems Evaluation

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