SaaS Sales Recruiters

HireDNA helps startup, high-growth, and large enterprise SaaS companies recruit top SaaS sales talent across the US. From SDRs and AEs to Sales Managers & Leaders, we’ve got the qualified candidates you need.

Why we produce better SaaS sales candidates

Extensive SaaS experience

Our team brings 20+ years of SaaS sales experience to the recruiting process. We understand the unique challenges hiring managers face and what it takes to hire, train, and retain successful SaaS sales teams.

Designed for SaaS hiring teams

Our data-driven platform qualifies and scores candidates on 26 sales-specific criteria to identify the best fit. We provide hiring managers with the most important data needed to make the right hiring decision.

Focused on SaaS selling skills

Each candidate is assessed against 21 selling competencies and benchmarked against 2 million salespeople for clear and accurate insights into how they stack up to other sales professionals.

National SaaS talent network

Our talent network represents a diverse range of experience levels and specialized skills allowing us to reach the top 10% of SaaS sales talent nationwide.

SaaS recruiting experience


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New hire retention beyond 1 year

SaaS product expertise

HireDNA works with B2B SaaS companies across growth stages and market segments, from well-funded startups to mid market and enterprise businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Customer Experience
Data Analytics
Document Management
Education (EdTech)
Financial (FinTech)
Human Resources (HR)
Marketing & Sales
Healthcare (MedTech)

SaaS sales roles we recruit

We specialize in recruiting top-tier SaaS sales talent for individual contributor, sales management, and leadership positions in the following roles:

Individual Contributors
  • Account Executive

  • Account Manager

  • Business Development (BDR)

  • Inside Sales Rep (ISR)

  • Sales Development (SDR)

  • Sales Ops/Enablement 

  • Customer Success

Sales Management & Leadership
  • Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

  • Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

  • VP of Sales

  • VP of Customer Success

  • Head of Sales

  • Director of Sales

  • Sales Manager

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