5 Sales Management Systems to Keep Your SaaS Sales Team on the Same Page

Published on Apr 19, 2021

Successfully coordinating a SaaS sales team is easier said than done. 

Your salespeople may be working on different projects, using different software and apps, or interacting with leads at different stages of the sales funnel. And with a growing number of salespeople working remotely, it’s become more challenging than ever. 

If left unchecked, this can take a serious toll on your productivity and conversions. In fact, “97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.”

A surefire way to keep your SaaS team on the same page is by using a sales management system. Here are five of the best. 

1. HubSpot CRM

For years HubSpot has been the gold standard for sales and marketing software. They offer a wide range of solutions, and the HubSpot CRM is the go-to platform for many SaaS sales teams.

It gives sales leaders a bird’s eye view of your team’s pipeline in real-time, including:

  • Overall sales activity
  • Team productivity
  • Individual rep performance

That way they know how close your team is, collectively and individually, to meeting quotas and any areas that need to be addressed.

And it helps salespeople stay organized where they can:

  • Quickly add new contacts to your database
  • Keep track of deadlines
  • Automatically track sales calls, emails, and meetings
  • Share notes 

Every single person on your sales team is in the loop at all times with HubSpot CRM, and you can drastically reduce time wasting activities for maximum productivity. 

2. VanillaSoft

Like HubSpot, VanillaSoft offers a robust suite of products. But the one we’re interested in here is their lead management platform.

“VanillaSoft makes lead management simple with a full complement of solutions to boost productivity, including lead prioritization, email nurturing campaigns, logical branch scripting, call-activity dashboard, and flexible data management.”

One of the most notable features is their real-time inside sales insights, which lets sales leaders monitor team performance, analyze call activity, and track ROI. With it, they can also keep watch of all sales activity in real-time through a call-activity dashboard. 

Besides that, VanillaSoft automatically captures data like call history, emails sent, positive contacts, payment history, and more so you see exactly what’s happened from the moment someone becomes a lead until they make a purchase.


3. Pipedrive

Among the numerous features of this sales CRM and pipeline management platform is the ability to track every aspect of communications, including calls, emails, and contact history. This enables your SaaS sales team to stay synced up with another and maintain full visibility of what has transpired in real-time.

Pipedrive also offers a visual history where you can look up a particular contact to see when interactions took place and the last conversations a rep had before following up. That way team members are in a better position to provide timely, relevant offers and have more meaningful interactions with leads. 

There’s a calendar button where you can choose how far back you want to go on the timeline. You can, for example, go back 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months.


And reps can also add a quick note so other team members will know what’s happened for more engaging future interactions. 

4. Freshworks CRM

This is an incredibly adaptive sales management system that places an emphasis on tracking custom sales activities. As Freshworks CRM puts it, “start tracking sales activities and identify the ones that increase conversions with powerful reports. Get all the insights that you need to streamline your process and start closing deals faster than ever.”

For starters, you can add things like sales events and meetings to identify what’s leading to more quality interactions with leads, which in turn, allows you to steadily improve your team’s performance. 

Next, you can conveniently record and track sales activities, including call logs and notes so team members can see them at a glance. Freshworks CRM allows you to set up notification alerts such as email opens, upcoming tasks, and event reminders so quality leads don’t slip through your fingers. On top of that, you can use it to create silky smooth workflows that automatically creates tasks whenever a new lead enters the sales funnel.


Primarily known as a high-level project management tool, also has a CRM solution that works perfectly as a sales management system. One of the main reasons users love it is because of how visual it is. offers a robust interface featuring powerful charts and graphs where sales leaders can monitor sales team activity, see how deals are coming along, and check the progress of individual reps. 

As for salespeople, they can stay on top of all lead interactions, including emails, phone calls, and meetings. They can share relevant documents with other team members from a single, ultra-organized communication dashboard. 

And they can use their mobile devices to track deals whenever and from wherever they happen to be. even offers an offline mode when the internet isn’t available. This gives your SaaS sales team a 360 degree view of your pipeline and should eliminate costly communication gaps. 

Ensuring Seamless Collaboration 

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the communication flowing with your SaaS sales team. From the point someone officially becomes a lead and enters your funnel to the moment they pull the trigger and buy, all of your reps need to be on the same page. 

Otherwise, the lead experience and ultimately your conversions will suffer. In fact, 86% of team members say a lack of collaboration and ineffective communication is the main reason for project failures. 

Using one of the five sales management systems listed here should keep everyone in the loop and the conversions coming. 

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