Sales Guides and Templates

Best practices to help you hire and retain better SaaS sales talent.

The Ultimate Sales Coaching Guide

Download this free white paper: The Data Behind Sales Managers of Elite Teams, packed with groundbreaking insights from 30 years of data studying 2.3 million salespeople and their managers. 


Sales Planning Guide

Download this template and build your sales plan. Make it simple for your sales team to understand your goals, how to accomplish them, and the tools needed.


Interview Template & Scorecard

Download the sales interview template and keep interviews on track and provide hiring teams with accurate, consistent criteria to evaluate sales candidates.


Prospering During a Crisis: A Guide for
Sales Leaders

Smart leaders understand that difficult times offer the greatest opportunities for improvement and prosperity, if the right decisions are made. Download your copy of this whitepaper and learn what those right decisions are, and how to use them to prosper during a crisis