Data-Driven Candidate Matching

We provide hiring teams with the data they need to make more informed hiring decisions with confidence. Our matching technology ensures candidates fit your role, culture, experience, and skill qualifications, saving you time and money.

How our data improves the hiring process

Ensures high-quality hires

We deliver detailed candidate analytics with all the information you need to make smarter hiring decisions.

Reduces unconscious bias

Reduce bias with data-driven insights into how the candidate fits your role and organization beyond a standard resume and screening process.

Streamlines the hiring process

Tailor your interview process using data provided on the candidate’s selling behaviors, capabilities, past performance, and skills.

Improves productivity and retention

We’ll build a custom coaching and development plan based on key data insights to maximize your new hire’s performance.

Power your recruiting engine with data for accurate candidate matching

Our matching algorithm uses 26 data points to determine the match between employers and candidates based on four key categories: role, culture, experience, and skills fit.

Role: work-style alignment

Assess the candidate’s strengths and abilities related to core functions and job duties including desired role, previous positions held, career track, sales function, compensation, and more.

Culture: team and company alignment

Evaluates the candidate’s ideal culture and the personality traits best suited to your work environment, including company funding stage, number of employees, ability to work remotely, management style, selling environment, and more.

Experience: past performance alignment

Compares past sales experience, methods, and processes related to your selling environment. Scores are calculated based on years of experience, SaaS products sold, target markets, buyer personas, tech stack, deal size, sales cycle, and more.

Skills: sales capabilities alignment

A thorough analysis of the candidate’s tangible and intangible selling abilities across 21 selling competencies including coachability, drive to succeed, ability to hunt, sell consultative, close deals, and follow a sales process.


Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

See how our data gives you the information you need to make smarter hiring decisions.