Meet HireDNA

We are an award-winning sales recruiting platform for growing SaaS companies built on powerful datat that scores and matches the perfect fit candidates with the right roles.

We’re on a mission to connect the best talent with amazing SaaS companies

HireDNA was founded to help startup and hypergrowth SaaS companies make more accurate hiring decisions. With unprecedented turnover, software sales talent is one of the hardest roles to recruit and retain. We provide hiring managers with key insights to make accurate, data-driven hiring decisions, including the industry’s top sales assessment. Our recruiting platform helps companies avoid costly hiring mistakes and turnover by accurately predicting compatibility, longevity, and success.

Why we’re Different

SaaS sales experts

Exclusively focused on SaaS sales, we have fine-tuned our recruitment process and technology to identify top performers for SDR, AE, Sales Management, and Leadership roles.

Data-driven hiring

Our powerful platform analyzes candidate sales DNA across 26 data points to ensure the right fit. As a result, our clients are 3x more likely to make better hiring decisions.

Accurate and Predictive

Using the industry’s top sales assessment, we predict future sales performance with 95% accuracy. 92% of recommended and hired candidates reach the top half of the sales force within 1 year.

Accelerated hiring

With a network of 50K SaaS sales professionals and data-driven matching technology, we quickly source and screen candidates to deliver qualified talent in 3-5 days cutting time to hire by 50%.

Role and culture matching

To land and keep top performers, a good culture fit is required. We ensure a strong culture match with detailed profile analytics and culture fit scoring to reduce turnover by 50%.

Better candidate experience

Our candidates enjoy full visibility and transparency. Our platform automates the follow-up process keeping candidates informed and engaged at every step of the process .

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Meet our founder

Anwar Allen

Anwar Allen

Founder & CEO

Anwar brings more than 20 years of experience in software and technology sales to the recruiting process.

With experience as an individual contributor, entrepreneur, and sales leader, he understands what it takes to build and retain high-performing sales teams. In addition to recruiting top talent, he has worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to help them optimize selling systems, implement enablement programs, train and develop sales reps and managers, and improve sales effectiveness.

He founded HireDNA after growing frustrated with the high turnover in SaaS sales and the lack of specialized tools and resources in the market that could accurately match candidates to the right roles backed by objective data. He developed HireDNA to provide a more predictive and repeatable hiring process while accelerating, enhancing, and improving the recruiting experience for both hiring teams and candidates.