Scientifically Validated Sales Skills Assessment

We know from experience how difficult it is for hiring managers and talent teams to determine sales skills and predict sales performance from resumes and interviews alone. HireDNA was built on the industry’s #1 rated sales assessment to take the guesswork out of hiring and eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes.

The industry’s #1 sales 
skills assessment

Designed specifically for sales

The industry’s top sales assessment is designed to accurately evaluate sales skills, behaviors, and selling competencies.

Customized to your role

Individual contributor, sales management and sales leadership assessments are customized to your unique role and selling environment.

Evaluates 21 proven competencies

We predict candidate success by evaluating 21 core selling competencies proven to be consistent among top performers.

Predicts top performers

The assessment data provides a clear picture of each candidate’s selling capabilities and drive to succeed – key predictors of top performers.

Vetted with 2 million salespeople

Leveraging 30 years of data, this award-winning assessment benchmarks candidates against 2 million salespeople globally.

Proven 95% accurate

Third-party validated, the sales assessment is 95% accurate at predicting future success. 92% of hires reach the top half of the salesforce in 1 year.

Gold medal winner top sales assessment 10 consecutive years 2011-2021

Get data backed insights into how 
candidates will sell

We’ll provide a comprehensive report with details on how the candidates scored across 21 selling competencies and how they stack up against more than 2 million candidates assessed.


Looks at how motivated and coachable each candidate is. You’ll understand the candidate’s mindset, overall drive, and if they have the grit needed to be a top performer.

Core Selling Skills

We vet each candidate’s selling skills, including hunting, consultative selling, closing and more. You can drill into the details and view an overall Sales Skills score to see how closely they match the skills needed to be successful in your unique role.