Trusted Solution for Recruiting Top Sales Talent

HireDNA is a full-service recruitment solution designed to help growing technology companies build and scale high-performing sales teams.

  • End-to-end sales recruiting process to attract, hire, develop, and retain the right sales talent for your unique sales environment.
  • Measure sales DNA to hire based on science and data, not impressions and instincts.
  • Reduce hiring mistakes and improve retention with proven sales assessment science.
  • Proactively source top talent in your industry to accelerate the sales hiring process.

End-to-End Sales Recruiting Platform

HireDNA is transforming how growing technology companies attract, hire, develop and retain top sales talent by providing a complete solution that supports the entire employee lifecycle.

How HireDNA Can Help


Attract and Recruit Better Candidates

92% of recommended candidates reach the top half of the sales force in the first year.


Fill Open Sales Positions Faster

Reduce hiring by 50% with pre-screened and qualified candidates ready to move forward in the hiring process.


Reduce Hiring Mistakes & Improve Retention

Eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes and cut turnover by more than 33% with industry leading assessment science.

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