Do You Struggle With Recruiting Sales Talent?

The STAR (Sales Talent Acquisition Routine) is a proven sales hiring system guaranteed to help CEOs, Sales Leaders, and HR Professionals overcome their biggest recruiting challenges and consistently identify, attract, interview, hire and retain top sales talent.

  • Learn how to profile rock star talent and measure the right skills
  • Create killer job ads to attract high-caliber sales candidates
  • Develop a streamlined interview process to keep candidates engaged
  • Build scorecards and use assessments to make the right hiring decisions
  • Establish an onboarding and training program to retain your top sales performers

Modernize Your Sales Recruiting & Hiring System

HireDNA partners with HR professionals, Recruiters, and Sales Leaders to help design and implement a more effective sales recruiting system with the right tools. The STAR recruitment training course provides your team with the tools and strategies to more effectively identify, attract, and hire the right sales talent for your business.

  • Why does hiring the right sales talent matter?
  • The sales DNA of a top performer
  • Conducting an effective interview
  • Resources and tools you need

Who Would Benefit from the STAR Certification?

  • Recruiters & HR Professionals
  • Sales Leaders
  • Business Owners & CEOs
  • Hiring Managers

STAR Certification Course Curriculum

  • How to create your ideal candidate profile
  • Designing the right compensation plan
  • Using sales-specific assessments to filter candidates faster
  • Presenting and closing on your offer
  • Writing effective job descriptions
  • Tactics and tools for sourcing passive candidates and filling your talent pipeline
  • Behavioral style interview strategies and questions
  • Hiring and onboarding sales talent
  • Creating an effective value proposition
  • How to develop the right screening questions
  • How to develop an effective onboarding plan
  • Applicant tracking and candidate scorecards

Key Benefits

  • 50%

    Faster new hire ramp up

  • 80%

    Searches end in a successful placement

  • 92%

    Candidates recommended and hired reach the top half of the sales force

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