B2B Conversion Rate Benchmarks: How Does Your Company Stack Up?

Comparing your business with other competitors in your industry, apples to apples, is one of the most straightforward ways to determine your performance. Having quantifiable data to reference provides objective insights so you know what the average is and how your company fares.  Hands down, one of the most important benchmarks for B2Bs to assess […]

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Published on Jan 28, 2021

Use This Simple Hack to Drive Massive Leads to Your Demo Video

A demo video, which succinctly breaks down how a product works, its features, and benefits, has become a powerful tool for winning over leads. Research has found that roughly 80% of leads find demo videos helpful, and those “who view demo videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.” But in […]

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Published on Dec 1, 2020

How Mastering Follow-Ups Can Help Your Sales Team Beat 92% of the Competition

Only 2% of deals are closed during the first sales meeting. And the prospects that buy are almost always the ones that have done significant research, know exactly what they’re looking for, and feel completely confident in the brand they’re dealing with.  The remaining 98% just “aren’t there yet” and still require nurturing and trust-building […]

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Published on Jul 3, 2020

Easily Beat 55% of Your Competitors By Accelerating Your Lead Response Time

What if there was a surefire way to beat more than half of your competitors? Better yet, what if it didn’t involve making any major changes to your product or brand, or a massive overhaul to your website? There is, and it’s dead simple. Accelerate your lead response time.  A Competitive Snapshot According to Vendasta, […]

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Published on Jun 19, 2020

How to Connect with Key Prospects

Connecting with decision makers is always a core challenge for sales professionals. In an uncertain environment, like the one we’re currently experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic, connecting with prospects can become even more difficult – and even more important for your bottom line. Establishing a meaningful connection with prospects is a critical first step towards […]

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Published on Apr 8, 2020

How To Improve B2B Cold Calling Success Rates

Cold calling has been one of the major selling tactics over the years, requiring reps to approach complete strangers and win them over through excellent interpersonal skills that persuade the prospect to covert. Cold calling can be very challenging, but there are some tactics that could help improve your success. Here are some thoughts on […]

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Published on Nov 25, 2019

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