The Top Sales Assessment Tests for Finding Elite Salespeople

Finding quality salespeople isn’t easy. In fact, a quick glimpse at recent data shows that it’s incredibly difficult, with as many as 80% of sales candidate hires producing an “unsatisfactory result.”

That’s why more and more CEOs and sales leaders are turning to sales assessment tests to help identify the candidates who possess the core competencies needed to succeed, as well as the right “sales DNA.” Sales assessment tests take a science-based approach and powerful technology to sift through a large candidate pool and narrow it down to the best of the best, virtually eliminating the potential for error. 

Here are the top sales assessment tests available, along with their unique benefits. 

Objective Management Group’s Sales Candidate Assessment

Objective Management Group (OMG) is a true pioneer of the sales assessment industry. Their test is widely regarded as one of the best and most reliable, with a staggering 92% of recommended and hired candidates reaching the top half of their sales teams within the first year. 

It has even received the honor of being rated the #1 sales assessment by Top Sales World for nine years straight. 

One of the main reasons why this tool is so effective is because of the personalized approach it takes. “Your customized Role Specification allows you to specify the unique requirements of your position. Candidates are then assessed against your criteria to create a recommendation custom-tailored to your needs.”

It also leverages a massive volume of data from over 2 million salespeople across more than 31,000 companies. 

Some specific sales skills and competencies OMG’s Sales Assessment analyzes are:

  • 21 core selling skills
  • The will to sell
  • Motivation
  • Coachability
  • The “figure-it-out-factor”

So, if you’re looking for an exhaustive tool with an amazing track record, this is definitely one to consider. 

SalesFuel HIRE Sales Assessment Test

Referred to as “moneyball for sales hiring,” this assessment from SalesFuel also takes a highly data-driven approach and analyzes nine specific categories of sales competency, including everything from planning and preparation to self-management. 

This allows sales CEOs and sales leaders to objectively know for sure if a “candidate truly possesses the knowledge of their craft that comes from experience and success.” It’s a quick and effective way to determine whether a sales candidate is legitimate and capable of delivering on their promises or merely a “sales imposter.”

The SalesFuel HIRE Sales Assessment Test was developed by four of today’s leading sales experts…

  • Jeffrey Gitomer – Author, speaker, and business trainer
  • C. Lee Smith – CEO of SalesFuel and bestselling author of StreetCred
  • Tony Alessandra – Entrepreneur, business author, and famous keynote speaker
  • Jim Cathcart – Entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author of Relationship Selling

…who all bring their own brand of expertise to the table to create a comprehensive sales hiring formula to greatly increase your chance of success. 

The Brooks Talent Index Sales Assessment

This sales assessment “allows hiring managers to back up their gut feeling with validated science — and choose the candidate with the greatest fit and potential to succeed in the role.” The Brooks Talent Index does this by generating four key types of scientifically validated reports.

First, there’s behavior style, which Identifies how a candidate handles problems and challenges and how they adapt to their environment. 

Second, there’s motivators, which figures out the reasons why a candidate does the things they do and whether or not they have the drive to excel in a position. More specifically, the Brooks Talent Index looks at theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individualistic, and traditional motivators.

Third, there’s the personal skills inventory, which assesses a candidate’s critical thinking skills to reveal the approach they take to making decisions, their primary strengths, as well as any biases that could hinder their decision making. 

Fourth and finally, this tool looks at sales skills to determine whether or not a candidate possesses the exact abilities needed to thrive within your company. It analyzes strengths, along with gaps in skills that could potentially be a problem. 

And as you can see from these graphs, this sales assessment test is very visual, making the findings easy to digest and understand. 


This final tool is built upon a massive volume of data, including 20 years of research and half a million sales professionals. Although not quite as accurate as predicting success as OMG’s sales assessment at 92%, SalesGenomix still boasts a high accuracy rate of 80%. 

It’s also been praised by reputable sales and marketing companies such as Aberdeen Group and CSO Insights. 

Like most effective tools, SalesGenomix is designed to evaluate candidates based on the specific sales position you’re trying to fill and doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. 

It’s incredibly in-depth and measures 140 sales attributes across 14 different sales roles. So, whether you’re simply looking to hire a salesperson or a higher level position like a sales manager, this tool can help you do it, while efficiently filtering candidates out until you find top tier talent. 

It’s also extremely fast, where SalesGenomix gives a candidate the assessment, scores the results, and provides you with recommendations within just a few hours. 

Don’t Leave Critical Hiring Decisions to Chance

The unpleasant truth is that many salespeople simply fall short, with as many as 57% missing their quotas each year. Even seasoned CEOs and sales leaders with a strong eye for talent can easily choose the wrong salespeople — something that largely happens from relying on a hunch rather than data.  

Using a proven sales assessment test like one of the tools mentioned here allows you to take a science-based approach where you can seamlessly sift through candidates and identify truly elite salespeople with surgical precision. 

So, at the end of the day you can make your hires with supreme confidence and build a rock solid team of high performers. 

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