6 Characteristics of a High Performing Sales Team

The hallmark of a high performing sales team is their ability to push through obstacles and continue to provide a constant revenue stream for the business. But what do high performers have that others don’t? Let’s take a look at some of the top characteristics of high performing sales teams. HireDNA sales recruiting, evaluation, and […]

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Published on Dec 18, 2019

Offer Stage Recruitment Tips to Win Over Top Candidates

Sales organizations are always on the lookout for standout reps that can boost their team’s performance. These exceptional individuals bring a proven track record of success, a wealth of experience and a role model presence to your team that positively affects the entire organization. While recruiting top sales reps is a unique challenge on its own, the […]

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Published on Dec 10, 2019

Strategies To Improve Your Sales Onboarding Process

Modern sales organizations are always in the process of hiring, whether you need to replace team members or increase sales capacity. That’s why an effective sales onboarding process is crucial. The success of your team comes down to how quickly your new hires can pick up the necessary skills and become a productive part of […]

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Published on Nov 18, 2019

Top Reasons to Hire Millennials in Sales

You’re likely always on the lookout for exceptional salespeople to join your team. Inevitably, you will find yourself reading a lot of resumes from new graduates. There is a stereotype, however, that millennials are apathetic, entitled, and lacking drive. Not only is this stereotype ill-founded, but if believed, it can deprive you of the most […]

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Published on Nov 8, 2019

Improve Your Sales Hiring Strategy In 5 Easy Steps

Many organizations are heavily dependent on their sales team to reach their customers and grow. However, the sales industry is symbolized by a high turnover rate of 25%. Essentially, this means that organizations are often faced with a shortage of good salespeople that consistently produce. To help you attract and retain higher quality sales hires, here […]

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Published on Oct 25, 2019

Top Situational Interview Questions For Sales Reps

Situational interview questions are hypothetical questions that allow hiring and sales managers to assess various aspects of a candidate’s skills and personality without allowing candidates the advantage of responding with cookie-cutter answers. Let’s take a look at some of the top situational interview questions for sales and what a good response for each may look […]

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Published on Jul 18, 2019

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